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Music healed him Aram Sargsyan, known as Aram Mp3 was selected to present Armenia with a song “NOT ALONE” in Eurovision Song Contest in Denmark, in 2014. Being famous for the ability to sing songs of a wide vocal diapason and having a good sense of humor, Aram is known as a person of contrasts and surprises.From early age he engaged in an extraordinary life changing affair with the music. At school age Aram had breathing difficulties and was coughing a lot. Following doctors’ strange advice to try singing, Aram’s parents took him to the choir classes. Unexpectedly it worked and music healed him! The treatment also helped him to discover further path in his life. Since that age music became Aram’s passion and soon he got actively involved in school humorous and musical performances.Aram has academic background of pharmacist, having graduated from the State Medical University of RA.


Following his heart’s voice he involved in “32 Teeth” comedy show, where he did musical performances and covers, as a result of which was noticed for musical talent and was taken further to more and more TV shows, concerts and performances.In 2007 he became the winner of the most popular TV Show of The First Channel of Armenia “2 stars”. Going deeper into music industry and professionally developing his singing talent, Aram MP3 started series of live jazz and blues concerts in the clubs of Yerevan, along with recording singles and releasing music videos.Aram has hosted numerous famous TV Formats such as “X- Factor”, “Armenian Idol”, “My name is”, “Power of 10” which brought him more fame. Every month Aram gives live concerts with bands in popular music halls of Yerevan singing his own singles also unique covers of famous hits.





In 2011 Erik presented Armenia in “New Wave” International pop Contest-Festival of young performers and gained the prize “Sympathy of Audience”.In 2011 at the National Music Award he gained the prize “The Best Singer of Year”.In 2011 at the award “Style Screen” he got the prize “The Stylish Singer of Year”.In 2011-2012 at the First musical TV channel Dar 21 (Century 21) musical award he again gained “The Best Singer of a Year” and the song “Anirakan” (“Unreal”) became “Hit of Year”. 
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